Collection: Michigan - Take America Back! Scan Register Vote!

Now YOU can "DO something" about our nation. Send Washington a strong message by doing your part. Help pack the polls this November with your selection from this Michigan "Take America Back!" collection.

Easily Encourage Citizens to Register and Vote.

Each items is designed to: 

Grab attention 

Start conversations and

Urge citizens to take action and register to vote NOW!

It's as simple as:

    1. Scan the QR code (it links to Michigan's official voter registration page)

    2. Register to vote on the spot - state documentation requirements vary.

    3. Vote early or on election day - as soon as their Michigan registration is official.

Anyone with a cell phone can scan the QR code to register to vote on Michigan's official voter registration page. (Documentation required by states vary.)

Get started today. Let's Take America Back!

Oh! And download your FREE Citizen Action Meme below! Post it to your social media page, keep it on your cell phone, post it to your website or blog.