Take America Back - State by State

Short and sweet - I needed  somewhere to send those who arrived here expecting to see "Take America Back!" rather than the home page.

Unfortunately, Shopify apparently doesn't provide for linking directly to a category (or "collection" as they insist on calling them") so...

This page.

So... look above on this page to the main menu for the "Take America Back!" section.

States are listed in alphabetical order (that means ABC for those who went to my public school). The list got so long, I broke it up into four submenus

Take America Back!- Alabama to Indiana
Take America Back!- Iowa to Missouri
Take America Back!- Nebraska to Pennsylvania
Take America Back!- Rhode Island to Wisconsin


Just use the drop down menu at the top of the page to find your state. Should Shopify relent and fix this issue OR if by some miracle I find another way, this page will vanish